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WEDDING CAKES contemporary

Clean and classic, simple and sophisticated echo the streamlined elegance of the modern bride. Fresh flowers are a popular adornment, though handmade sugarpaste flowers with their smooth surreal porcelain-like finish remain a class of their own.

WEDDING CAKES traditional

Traditional expectations are that your wedding cake is tiered, or possibly your wedding cake is held up with pillars, with toppings of white or ivory colored icing. And of course your wedding cake is crowned with a miniature bride and groom. So if you choose this traditional shape for your wedding cake and timeless confection design, you are following a long-lived ritual. Embrace the tradition, and then personalize your Wedding Cake!


cake flavors

  • Bridal White – Popular at weddings. Moist and light, goes well with most fillings and always comes out a hit.

  • Chocolate – A traditional favorite. Rich and elegant, chocolate provides a delightfully earthy treat

  • Chiffon/Yellow – A cross between butter and sponge cake. Light and delicious, it is appropriate any time of year.

  • Marble – A tasty mixture of our rich chocolate and white cakes swirled to make a pattern. A good middle ground when entertain a lot of people.

  • Banana Nut* – Fresh bananas with lots of nuts.

  • Lemon* – A white or butter cake laced with freshly squeezed lemon juice. Lemon is cleansing and refreshing, perfect for summertime weddings.

  • Carrot* – Fresh carrots, nuts and pineapple


  • Fresh seasonal fruits: strawberry, mango, banana

  • Fruit fillings: strawberry, raspberry, cherry, lemon

  • Mousse: tiramisu, chocolate, mocha espresso, strawberry, green tea, lemon, passion fruit, raspberry

  • Bavarian cream or custard: vanilla, chocolate

  • Ganache: chocolate, mocha,

  • Rich cream cheese (goes well with carrot cake)


Any of these fillings can be laced with liquors, like amaretto, Grand Marnier, etc.


Almost anything is possible in the bakery world. If you have a unique flavor or fillings in mind not listed, just ask! We’ll try to accommodate your special requests.


All of our cakes are made using the freshest ingredients available.


Frostings Cakes may be iced in Buttercream, Whipped cream, Rolled Fondant or Chocolate Ganache.

Decorations can be made from Buttercream, Whipped cream, Gum Paste, or Chocolate.

our most popular options
  • Traditional White Cake with fresh strawberries and pure vanilla buttercream

  • Chocolate Cake with raspberry cream filling and white chocolate buttercream

  • Mango Mango Cake – a combination of both a mango mousse and fresh mango inside to enable the full flavor of the mango comes through, offset by a rich layer of Bavarian cream. All separated by a fluffy bridal white cake. Very refreshing with sublime tropical flavor.

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